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AddRewards Partners & Sponsors

Are you an influencer or YouTuber? Interested in making some money? You're in the right spot! Advertise and promote our site on your platforms and earn money! We will be paying you a direct amount ($50-$500) and then you also make more by using your referral link during the video or post. The direct down payment amount will be paid after you do our post or video.

Payment Requirements

We pay up to hundreds per video or post depending on your audience size. The minimum follower count for YouTubers would be 10,000 (Roughly 5,000+ views per video). The minimum follower count for social media influencers will be 25,000 (5,000+ likes per post or videos). If you have other social media such as TikTok or Snapchat, please contact us via Discord too.

Meet the requirements?

If you qualify for the requirements above, please send a direct message to an administrator or staff via our Discord Server on the contact page and we will work out a working price. Thank you for reading and I hope to work something with you soon!

Terms of Services

We are not associated with anything or any of the games on our websites. We only provide a rewards system that provides other company goods as a reward for you to complete our offers. We are not associated nor sponsored by what we offer you. These are just rewards. By using our site, you agree with all terms and services.


Below are some partner stats!

We have over 15+ total partners with our site that include other websites and forum pages. Contact us to partner or sponsor!


Total Partners

Over $500+ paid out to our partners and influencers who work with us to bring AddRewards to another level. Join us today!


Total Paid

We have over 20+ Discord Partner's via servers and 20+ total videos have been posted about our amazon website! Help us grow today!


Total Media