Privacy Policy

AddRewards Privacy Policy Information

What information do you collect?

The information collected on AddRewards will be your email, password, and IP Address. Your email is used for us to send you the rewards you earn directly such as the giftcard codes or other gifts that require an email sent. Your password is fully encrypted, which means no one, not even our staff members, have access to. Your password can only be reset by our staff and you would have to change it. We cannot access or view your old passwords. Your IP address is collected by our site only after you complete a reward. The reason for this is that we could have people doing fraud or fake rewards on our site. Collecting IP will help law enforcements with online and criminal fraud.

How do you use this information?

The information that you sumbit into our site is just used for us to keep track of our users and how they earn. We do not do anything else with your information nor share any of it's content. The information that is stored is just a security feature for us just incase a user comes on our site and commit fraud. Please do not worry about us using your information, our staff team and even the owners of this website do not have access to your passwords because it's encrypted. The only thing we can view are the email for us to send the rewards and your IP address for managing our users and prevent our users from doing fraud rewards.

What information do you share?

AddRewards does not share your information with anyone whatsoever. The only people with access to this data would be our staff team. As stated above, your passwords are encrypted and your emails are only used by our staff to send you the rewards without having any troubles. We do not share any of this nor give anyone access to these information and data besides our staff team and moderators.

Terms of Services

We are not associated with anything or any of the games on our websites. We only provide a rewards system that provides other company goods as a reward for you to complete our offers. We are not associated nor sponsored by what we offer you. These are just rewards. By using our site, you agree with all terms and services.