Basic Support

Basic support page for AddRewards

Did Not Receive Points?

The reason for this is mainly because of an offerwall error. The only thing that we can provide from this will be to try again and hope that it will work. Try re-downloading, re-watching the video, or whatever you did to complete the offer. If you got nothing, then it means that we did not receive either. This cannot be fixed by us sadly. Your best hope would be to just try another offer.

Withdrawals Aren't Working?

The main reason why some withdrawals or cashouts are not working is because you did not meet the minimum requirement. For Robux, the minimum requirement is 25 Points. For others, it's 500 Points. If you still have troubles even after meeting the requirements, please contact our Discord Support. Our Discord Support is active with moderators and community support members to help you 24/7.

Did Not Receive Rewards Email?

First, make sure that you check your dashboard and scroll down to see if the reward is delivered. It will show the current status after you withdraw or cashout. If it says delivered and you got nothing, check your spam email folders. The rewards are sent to the email you signed up with. If you used a random email, please contact support. We can only change your email via support. Do not sign up with random emails please.

Did Not Receive Robux?

Robux is the only game currency that is currently supported by AddRewards. We pay out Robux with stock and others. Without stock, we cannot pay. Please check the status of your Robux payment via the Dashboard and make sure that you are in the Roblox Group linked below. If you are not or fail to meet those requirements, your cashout or withdrawal will automatically fail. Please read instructions carefully in your dashboard.

Did Not Receive Crypto?

The only error that will occur during Cryptocurrency withdrawals will be when the Network Fee is above cashout amounts. This means that if you cashout $5 worth of cryptocurrency but the network fees are $15 for us. We would cancel the withdrawal until the network fees are back down to normal.

Terms of Services

We are not associated with anything or any of the games on our websites. We only provide a rewards system that provides other company goods as a reward for you to complete our offers. We are not associated nor sponsored by what we offer you. These are just rewards. By using our site, you agree with all terms and services.