How To Earn Guide

Quick guide to help new users earn!

Step 1

First, you need to create an account and then visit the earning page. The direct link to that would After that, there are so many offers to choose from. Choose something that you enjoy and would like to complete. Then, just complete it! We are not associated with anything on the offer walls besides monetization with them. Any game related inquiries are not our problem.

Step 2

Make sure when completing the offer, read the instructions beforehand. You can see all of the instructions below the offer. This will be shown here ( After you follow all of the steps, you will automatically be rewarded the points. If you do not receive points, try again or find a different offer. Make sure to leave the app open for 30 seconds if the instructions are just "Install and Open".

Step 3

After you earn and complete the offer, you now have points. These points can then be withdrawn for amazing rewards. Some of the rewards we support are Bitcoin, Zelle, Giftcards, and much more. To withdraw, please visit: After you visit here, you can withdraw as long as you have enough points. Make sure you fill in right information in your dashboard: or you could lose your rewards.

Terms of Services

We are not associated with anything or any of the games on our websites. We only provide a rewards system that provides other company goods as a reward for you to complete our offers. We are not associated nor sponsored by what we offer you. These are just rewards. By using our site, you agree with all terms and services.